DevJam XV - Magento follow up

howdy everyone,

thanks so much to those who came out and special thanks to alison tinker and william white for schoolin us the amazing power and ease of use of Magento, a super robust, and very easy to customize zend framework platform for e-commerce solutions.

it’s great to see new people showing up every time we do a session, and having new people present is fantastic. super grateful.

we’re taking off for the month of december, but i’ll update with our january session soon.

DevJam XV - Easy Ecommerce with Magento

hey everyone,

going off the beaten path this month with a dive into easy eCommerce using Magento with our friend Alison Tinker. from Alison: 

Magento is a robust eCommerce web application used by some of the world’s most innovative and recognizable brands. We’ll be discussing the Community Edition, which is free, open-source, and built on the Zend Framework. Join us to learn about the basics of theming, back-end development, and the administration side of this powerful platform.

hope to see you there!

DevJam XIV - SASS Recap

fantastic session last night at the River with Nathan Crank taking us through some of the best features of SASS. he took us through setting up the environment through working with the specifics. for anyone who has had enough dealing with vendor prefixes, that alone is worth the leap into preprocessing. 

the best part of the session was getting access to Nathan’s boilerplate which includes a few utils files including my personal fav, his zealot file. 

you can grab the presentation along with all of his files from his site at

thanks so much for coming out - great to see so many new faces. hope to see you all again soon!

DevJam XIV - Welcome to SASS CSS

hey everyone,

got a great session lined up for the next devjam as our new friend Nathan Crank, web designer for Royall & Company takes us through the wonders of css preprocessing using SASS.

From Nathan: Do you write (or better yet, love) CSS? Did you know you could make it easier, and more powerful at the same time? Come check out how SASS can bring the power of real programming logic to CSS, all while actually making it easier to write and read your code. 

please join us on Weds, Oct, 10 at Big River. should be a really good one - hope to see you all there!

DevJam XIII Recap

hey everyone,

super fun time at the last devjam as the Martin Agency’s own Bobby Lavoie gave us a cool glimpse into working with the html5 canvas element using the createJS suite.

great to see new faces and super excited about some new folks sharing their knowledge at upcoming jams.

see you next time!

DevJam XIII - Getting our HTML5 Canvas on

Register now to see the awesome Bobby Lavoie learn us some Canvas.

DevJam XIII - Getting our HTML5 Canvas on

Greetings Everyone!

We’re ramping up for the fall with a great kickoff session in September with our buddy Bobby Lavoie, web developer at the Martin Agency.

Bobby will be showing off Grant Skinners easelJS, tweenJS and soundJS libraries.

In a nutshell, EaselJS is an easy to learn javascript library makes working with HTML5 Canvas easier than ever. It provides an API that is familiar to Flash developers, but embraces Javascript sensibilities. It consists of a full, hierarchical display list, a core interaction model, and helper classes to make working with Canvas much easier.

If you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the curtain at what makes the latest web experiences possible, you definitely want to check this out.

The session is on Wednesday, Sept 12th at 7pm, place to be determined. stay tuned, invites will go out as soon as we have the location nailed down.

See you then!

DevJam XIII - exploring RESTful

greetings devjammers!

july is a time for beaches, dogs and slurpees. hope you’re enjoying them all, as we sure are. and that’s why July’s DevJam is diving into the lazy of Summer, a.k.a., I don’t have anything planned because i was too busy enjoying beaches, dogs and slurpees.  

but - there is good news on the horizon. we here at DevJam headquarters have some good things lined up over the next few months. our buddy Bobbo is going to be leading a Github session, the awesome Zack Ensign will be introducing us to the magic of Sifteo and we’ll also dive headfirst into some all that, along with the flood of awesome new microprocessing platforms like RaspberryPi and Electric Imp and the magic of Makey Makey should prove to give us a lot of fun over the next several months.

as always, we’re looking for folks who are interested in leading sessions and also are always interested in setting up sessions for things anyone has an idea for, so don’t be shy. WE ARE DEVJAM.

happy summer!


DevJam XII - Soldering 101

hey everyone,

SUPER sorry for the last minute notice, but keeping up with DevJam has been difficult for me lately. anyway, have you ever tinkered with electronics and made a heaping mess? well if you attend this session led by our great friend Guy Winterbotham, you’ll be a soldering semi-pro in no time. plus, act now and Guy will be throwing in a free multimeter lesson and possibly even break out an oscilloscope. Be sure to bring your soldering iron and some things to solder. definitely a hands-on jam.

my bud larkin at 804 RVA has graciously offered her space for the jam - gonna be fun! hope to see you there!

DevJam XI Recap

thanks to all who came out last night. had a great time and learned a lot about microprocessing, tracking kittens and why ‘christmas dudes’ have more angst than ‘halloween dudes’. 

guy’s presentation can be found in our source file area, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas for collaboration.

thanks again to guy, alana and all the cool people at circle s studio and a super special thanks to my home big river for the continual support to make this happen every month.

see you next month!